Characteristics, application scope and storage methods of geotextiles

2024/02/01 17:17

Geotextile is a cloth-like material made of synthetic fibers with the following characteristics:

1. Corrosion resistance: geotextile is usually made of synthetic fiber materials such as polypropylene or polyester, which has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of acids, alkalis, chemicals and microorganisms to prolong its service life.

2. High tensile strength: geotextile has high tensile strength and tensile properties, able to withstand greater tensile force, enhance the stability and strength of the soil body.

3. Good water permeability: geotextile has good water permeability performance, which can pass water and avoid water pressure accumulation leading to soil destruction, and also promote water circulation in the soil.

4. Good anti-aging performance: geotextile after anti-aging treatment, has good anti-ultraviolet and antioxidant properties, can resist the sun and rain and other external environmental erosion, to maintain long-term stability of performance.

Characteristics, application scope and storage methods of geotextiles

The application of geotextile mainly includes:

1. Soil slope protection and protection: geotextile can be combined with soil for slope protection, embankment protection, prevention of soil erosion and slope collapse.

2. Roadbed reinforcement and reinforcement: geotextile can be used to reinforce the roadbed structure of roads, railroads, etc., and increase the soil's pressure resistance and stability.

3. Water conservancy engineering: geotextile can be used in water conservancy projects such as riverbed restoration, dam reinforcement, bank protection, etc. to reduce water erosion and soil scouring.

4. Environmental engineering: geotextile can be used in soil restoration, wetland construction, river ecological restoration and other environmental engineering projects to improve soil quality and water environment.

Characteristics, application scope and storage methods of geotextiles

Storage method:

1. Keep dry: geotextile should be kept dry during storage to avoid moisture and mold.

2. Prevent high temperature and direct sunlight: geotextile should avoid long time exposure to high temperature and direct sunlight to avoid damaging its performance.

3. Pay attention to overlapping and stacking: When storing geotextile, attention should be paid to avoid overlapping and high stacking, so as to avoid extrusion and deformation.

4. Regular inspection: Regularly inspect the stored geotextile to make sure that there is no humidity, wear and tear, cracks and other problems, and take corresponding care and maintenance measures.

Correct storage of geotextiles can maintain their performance and service life, ensuring good function and effect when needed.

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