Introduction to the advantages of 7-meter wide filament geotextile

2024/03/27 14:33

The 7-meter wide Filament Geotextile has good isolation, reinforcement, drainage, filtration and protection functions. It is a good environmentally friendly geotextile. Under the same weight specifications, its tensile strength is higher than that of other needle-punched non-woven fabrics. It has high UV resistance and can withstand high temperatures up to 230 degrees. It can still maintain structural integrity and original physical properties at high temperatures. Filament Geotextile is thick and needle-punched. It has good plane drainage and vertical water permeability. It can still maintain its performance after many years. It has good long-term effect and is resistant to deformation, which is also better than other geotextiles. Geotextile can withstand the erosion of common chemicals in the soil, has good elongation under certain circumstances, can adapt to uneven and irregular foundations, and is suitable for retaining walls and roadbed reinforcements. It has particularly good puncture resistance, extensibility and fluffiness. It can effectively protect the waterproof layer in engineering applications to avoid potential mechanical damage, and has good protection.

Introduction to the advantages of 7-meter wide geotextile Introduction to the advantages of 7-meter wide geotextile

Filament geotextiles can be used as reinforcing materials for various foundation reinforcement and soil reinforcement projects. For example, in projects such as roadbeds, railways, airports, and wharfs, geotextiles can be used to strengthen the soil and improve the soil's bearing capacity and stability.

In summary, filament geotextile is a very commonly used geotechnical material and can be used for anti-seepage, reinforcement, protective isolation and environmental protection in various civil engineering projects.

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