Geobag, also known as geotextile mattress or geotextile bag, is a type of geosynthetic container made from permeable geotextile fabric. It is commonly used in various civil engineering and environmental applications for containment, dewatering, and erosion control purposes.

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Geobag is typically made by filling it with a mixture of soil or other granular material, usually with the addition of cement or other binders. This creates a flexible and durable structure that can be deployed in different situations. 


1. High strength: Geotextile bags are made of high-strength synthetic fiber materials, with high tensile strength and shear strength, and can resist large external forces.

2. Water permeability: Geotextile bags have good water permeability and can effectively drain water and prevent water accumulation from occurring.

3. Corrosion resistance: Geotextile bags have good corrosion resistance and can be used in acid and alkali environments for a long time without damage.

4. Environmental protection: Geotextile bags are made of synthetic fiber materials, contain no harmful substances, and comply with environmental protection requirements.

Geobag Geobag


1. River and lake management: Geotextile bags can be used for dam reinforcement and slope protection in rivers and lakes, and can effectively prevent the erosion and flooding of water areas.

2. Geotechnical engineering: Geotechnical bags can be used for slope reinforcement, high slope protection, earthwork engineering, foundation reinforcement, etc. in geotechnical engineering to enhance the stability and erosion resistance of the soil.

3. Civil construction: Geotextile bags can be used in protective walls and retaining walls in civil construction to increase the stability and earthquake resistance of the structure.

4. Agricultural field: Geotextile bags can be used in soil and water conservation projects, wind protection and sand protection projects in the agricultural field, to effectively protect soil and crops.

Geobag Geobag





tensile strength

Elongation at break

geobag _

50-60kg soil charge

80-120 silk


≥10  %


≥15  %


Green, black, white, etc.


40*80cm, 45*80cm customized.






Geobag Geobag

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