Composite Geomembrane

Composite geomembrane is a geotechnical material composed of high-strength synthetic fibers and geomembrane materials.

High strength, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, anti-seepage and anti-leakage. Because it is compounded with geotextile, it also has certain water permeability and air permeability, which can maintain the drainage and ventilation properties of the soil.

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Composite geomembrane is a geosynthetic material composed of a high-density polyethylene film and a non-woven geotextile layer.

Specifications: One geotextile and one geomembrane, two geotextiles and one geomembrane, two geomembranes and one geotextile, one geotextile and multiple geomembranes.

Material:PP/PET and HDPE

Width: 1-7m

length according to customer needs


1. Strong anti-permeability: The composite geomembrane has a high-density polyethylene film layer, which can effectively prevent the penetration of water and avoid damage to buildings or soil by water.

2. High strength: The composite geomembrane is made of non-hazardous geotextile and high-density polyethylene film, which makes it have high tensile strength and tear resistance, and can withstand certain external forces and compression capabilities.

3. Good weather resistance: Composite geomembrane has good weather resistance, can be used for a long time under different climate conditions, and is not easy to age and become brittle.

4. Environmental protection: The composite geomembrane is made of non-toxic and non-polluting materials, which is environmentally friendly and does not pollute soil and water sources.

Composite Geomembrane Composite Geomembrane


1. Water conservancy projects: used for anti-seepage, anti-leakage and protection projects, such as dams, rivers, ponds and water treatment plants, etc.

2. Basic engineering: It can be used for the foundation of buildings, roadbed of highways, tunnels, bridges and anti-seepage of underground projects.

3. Agriculture and horticulture: It can be used in farmland anti-seepage, greenhouses, field drainage channels and other agricultural projects to provide soil water retention and prevent fertilizer seepage.

4. Environmental engineering: It can be used in environmental projects such as landfills, waste treatment plants, and sewage treatment plants to prevent leakage, seepage, and groundwater sources.

Composite Geomembrane Composite Geomembrane


Composite Geomembrane Technical Specification

1Nominal breaking strength / ( kN / m )57.5101214161820
2Longitudinal and transverse rupture strength /(   kN / m )≥5.07.5101214161820
3Vertical and horizontal standard strength   corresponding to elongation /%30-100
4CBR bursting strength /kN ≥
5Vertical and horizontal tear strength / kN ≥
8Vertical Permeability Index / ( cm / s)According customer needs
9Width deviation /%-1.0

ItemMembrane thickness/mm
Hydrostatic   pressure resistance / MPa1   fabric with 1 membrane0.
2 fabric with 1 membrane0.


Composite Geomembrane Composite Geomembrane


Composite Geomembrane Composite Geomembrane

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