PP Geotextile

PP non-woven fabric is made of polypropylene fibers through processes such as hot melting, spraying, and high-speed air flow to form a network structure, and then undergoes appropriate heat setting, compaction and other processing processes.

1. Has high tensile strength and good anti-penetration performance

2. Can effectively enhance the stability and bearing capacity of soil

3. Excellent backflow resistance

4. Can prevent soil particles from being washed away or eroded

5. Has good anti-aging properties and chemical corrosion resistance

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Product Details

Polypropylene nonwoven geotextile, referred to as PP geotextile, it is a non-woven fabric made of polypropylene fiber as the main raw material.

Material: PP


Width: 1-7m

Length: 50-200m (customizable)

Color; white, black, orange, supports custom colors


1. Lightweight and high strength: PP geotextile has light weight and excellent tensile strength, can withstand large loads and extrusion forces in projects, and has good durability.

2. Good acid and alkali resistance: PP geotextile can resist the erosion and corrosion of various chemical substances such as acids, alkalis, salts, etc., and is suitable for different soil environments.

3. Good weather resistance: PP geotextile has good weather resistance, can resist ultraviolet radiation and the effects of climate change, and maintain stable performance of the material.

4. Good water and air permeability: The surface of PP geotextile often has a special pore structure, which can achieve good water and air permeability and maintain soil moisture and gas exchange.

5. Good environmental protection: PP geotextile is made of environmentally friendly materials and is non-toxic, odorless and degradable, and will not pollute the environment.

PP Geotextile PP Geotextile


1. Water conservancy projects: PP geotextiles are suitable for anti-penetration, landslide resistance, and erosion resistance in rivers, reservoirs, and dams in water conservancy projects.

2. Foundation engineering: PP geotextiles can be used for soil reinforcement, leakage prevention and soil conservation to improve the stability and reliability of foundation engineering.

3. Road engineering: PP geotextile can be used to reinforce and stabilize roadbeds and pavements, reduce the occurrence of pavement cracks and settlements, and increase the service life of roads.

4. Mines and landfills: PP geotextiles can be used for comprehensive management of mines and reinforcement and anti-seepage of landfills to reduce soil and groundwater pollution.

5. Agricultural engineering: PP geotextile can be used in agricultural engineering such as windproof and heat preservation, soil moisture retention and soil care to promote crop growth and increase yield.

PP Geotextile PP Geotextile


Staple Fiber Needled Non-woven Geotextile Technical   Specifications ( GB/T17638-2017)
1Thickness mm≥
2Width deviation-0.5
3Standard breaking   strength/(KN*m)358101520253040Vertical and horizontal
4Elongation at break %20-100
5CBR bursting   strength/KN0.611.
6Equivalent aperture0.07-0.2
7Vertical permeability   coefficientK*(10-1~10-3)K=1.0-9.9
8Longitudinal and   transverse tear strength/KN0. and   horizontal
9Acid and alkali   resistance/%        ≥80%
10Antioxidant   properties/%            ≥80%
9UV resistance%                           ≥80%


PP Geotextile PP Geotextile


PP Geotextile PP Geotextile


PP Geotextile PP Geotextile

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